Do you want to order a commission from me? Oh honey, I am so very flattered! Do me a favor, fill out this form below, and I will get back to you soon with a quote! I do everything from coming up with voices for your characters to impersonations! Nothing’s too lewd for me! *teehee!*

*  Baseline price is $10 USD/Minute for ONE CHARACTER (2 minute minimum) plus any Paypal Fees (Rounded up to the nearest dollar amount.)

   (Extra characters will be an upcharge.)

*  Commissions over 7 minutes will require further consultation.

*  I am open to any/all fetishes, however if sound effects are required there will be an up charge.

*  I reserve the right to cancel the commission without refund at any time if the commissioner is deemed unruly, rude or acts in an inappropriate manner with one (1) warning given. By commissioning me and using my services, you hereby agree to this.