Convention AAR (After Action Report)

2/27 – Got almost all of the clothes washed and packed away for the con. Cleaned the house and finished some last minute finishing touches. Was totally hyped for the con. LewdByProxy (Proxy) arrived at my place with some last minute laundry to get done. I fell down the steps during one of the last loads and limped to finish my blanket. Little did I know that several step slide (which caused her to freak out and scream “ARE YOU OKAY?!” while running down the steps) would turn into a bruise that was literally the size of my head. We got finished packing up. The GPS took us in circles and we arrived super late to the hotel. We had issues checking in and, with a very wiled up dog pretty much took my arm off to all the new peoples, I finially bit the bullet and hit the ATM to pay for the first night in cash and Paypal the remainder to my bf who took care of it with his card. Unpacked and settled, we met up with the head of AV, where setup was pretty much finished by him. Apparently, some shit went down and he had to work off some anger, so it was no big deal – we had to tape down cords. I was contacted by one of the guests of honor who told me 8:30 AM sharp – meet him and his wife for breakfast with Proxy and Bf. I said okay, and had a hard time sleeping that night because CON HYPE! Fell asleep around 11 PM.

2/28 – Got up at 4:30 AM because Brain. Took dog out at 6:00. Sat in bed and meditated on what needed to be done at the con. Woke everyone up around 8, got a quick shower and we all headed to yummy breakfast! Ran into a lot of awesome con family. Was informed I had to take Proxy to opening ceremonies, but there was an issue – at the time OC was going on we needed AV for a different room – wound up getting that covered by a guy who was scarce even though he was supposed to be helping with AV. Got our assigned areas taken care of and sat in at Opening Ceremonies.

Boyfriend came in somewhat late because he was hosting another pannel, grabbed his bag, walked to the front and called me out. He held up the heart pendant and said “Will you take this heart, and become part of mine?”

I walked up, was handed a microphone and replied “Wait wait wait. When you asked me to be your player 2. And you said you wanted to take it to the next level. I thought you wanted help getting to level 8 in Super Mario Brothers 3!”

“Hun they’re waiting! They wanna know! Will you marry me?!”

“Well. Unlike Mario, your princess is no longer in another castle. Yes. I will marry you!” Hugs. Smooches. And he ran off back to his panel. That night I had a PokeBowl and an apple cider to celebrate and gave him all the smoochies since AV was handled for a bit.

There was a live show of Rocky Horror, I had to step away because I started getting a migraine. Laid down in the room and relaxed, eyes closed, and tried to get it to go away. Thank god it staved off until the end of the con.

2/29 – Everything went off without a hitch. Lots of “Congratulations!” Got to sit in on some cool panels BF was hosting – and the last one, I suddenly get a ping that they needed AV and I was the only AV person in the building. Proxy and the head of AV went to get food. I ran to the elevator, down to the 1st floor from 5th, from the other end of the convention center and back again grabbing AV equipment (short throw projector) just to be told they probably didn’t need it after all, to which I replied “Aww hell na, yall needed it, I didn’t run my ass from one end of the center and back again for yall to not use it. Here. It’s set up.” and ran back out. Had a few very concerned people asking me if everything was okay because – cripple limping to and from was apparently concerning. I assured them I was okay. Bf checked in on me because I ran out of his panel. I reassured him it was okay too. Everything was handled for AV otherwise. I peeked in on a few panels and kept  in contact with the AV team. There was another proposal during the masquerade! I recorded that one. Poor guy was stumbling over his own words, it was sooo cute!

Ran AV for the auction and got into a bidding war for a laptop bag gift for Proxy between fiance and I – and made the joke “I’m bidding your money so you decide how much you’re gonna pay!” Got a lot of laughs from that one!

We raised 2k for the young lady doing STEM that night. 😀

Room parties were in full swing but I was so wiped from running around and doing AV stuff I only had energy to read and pass out.

3/1 – Very little AV needed that day, mostly just checking in on a few panels to make sure they were running smoothly. Went to closing ceremonies. Did breakdown for AV and was out of there by 5 PM.

3/2 – Slept most of the day. Had a weird dream I had Waldo tattoed on my tit with his crotch at the nipple so when I got cold Waldo had a boner!

3/3 – Barely awake, but here!

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