No. My services are NOT free.

I will not do your audio for free. Nor, will I provide my sound effects I have sourced. I will not teach you how to voice act. I will not “give you some of my clients.” No, I will not do “just thirty seconds of moaning”, and you better believe if you use something I’ve made without permission, I will find a way to get it taken down. Yes. These are all things I get asked on a monthly basis. Google is your friend. Learn how to use it.

Am I coming across as a bitch? Good. Because here’s the thing: My services are a luxury. You will not die if you don’t get my voice work. My voice is my tool. It’s my job, my livelihood. You wouldn’t go into McDonalds and demand a free burger, would you? Why the hell would this be different? My prices too steep? Go find someone else. No. I will not lower them for you. Yes. I am sure. Yes. I would rather refuse your commission than do it for less than my rates. You can save up – and, for super expensive commissions, I tend to take half-payments. 50% up front, 50% before I record and edit.

No. I will not just “do a sample” of your OC for free. I have made that mistake and had someone take advantage of my kindness. Word to the wise? News spreads. You know who you are, and yes, you are still on my personal blacklist.

When you are paying for a commission from me, you are paying for my time. You are paying for the years it took me to learn how to use my program. You’re paying me for the research on sound effects, some of which I have to make myself, mind you. You’re paying a living wage to me.

If you have a problem with that, then I’d rather you don’t commission me.

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