Commission Price Increases

Hey everyone!

So, I have been doing my voice work at it’s current prices for 14 months now, and it’s time to bump it up a little bit.

Baseline Price will increase from $10 USD a minute to $15 USD a minute. Each additional character will go up from $5 USD a minute to $10 USD a minute.


Q: Why the increase?
A: I feel that since my skills have improved in editing and quality of voice work, I should be compensated accordingly.

Q: This isn’t fair!
A: Yes it is. Nobody is forcing you to commission me. If my prices are too high, move along.

Q: I’m one of your regulars. Can I get the old rate?
A: Sorry, but no, it wouldn’t be fair. HOWEVER! If you’re looking to get great deals on my voicework, I have Patreon updated with more perks, here!

Q: Well, what if I decide to commission you BEFORE the price increase?
A: Then you’ll get it at that rate!

Q: Will you still have the referral program?
A: Yep!

If you have any other questions, feel free to leave them below! Lock in your commission by sending me a note through my website:

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