Got my ranty-panties on full force this morning!

You’re pro-life because you believe in the sanctity of life?

That’s wonderful!

You’re just what this country needs. So tell me, what are you doing to help those with a uterus who are going to be forced to undergo childbirth? To the black, the addicted, the raped, the ones who will likely need some sort of help in the future with the cost of feeding and clothing the child? To the ones who will require healthcare for their child who is born special needs? To the “illegal immigrant” child who is currently torn away from their parents and in a holding cell somewhere in the great US of A? Who are emotionally neglected because the workers aren’t allowed to give them any sort of affection? Who is currently gasping for their last breath because they’re too sick and nobody can tell, much less care? To the children who will be forced to birth a child and then die because their bodies cannot handle such a trauma?

Surely, being pro-life means you’re going to be in support of universal healthcare, government supplied housing and a base monthly income regardless of employment so that the child can grow up in a somewhat normal environment, regardless of their parental situation. Surely, you’ll be in support of food stamps, welfare, and any other government sponsored program – and freely give your tax dollars to fund it. You’ll be in support of free education to 12th grade and free lunches for all, right? 

What are you going to do about the thousands of children in abusive foster homes – who are nothing more than a check to their foster parents? To the children who are sexually exploited by their foster parents? What are you going to do if the government suddenly STOPS taking in children because they, literally, have no room? If you’re not willing to take the children in, where do they go after they leave the womb? What about the children who are BORN addicted to drugs because their addict mothers were FORCED to birth them, regardless of HOW or WHY they ended up that way?

If you don’t have a clear, concise solution to all of these questions, then my only other question is…

What’s the alternative? “Don’t have sex, then.” can only do so much, especially in this “wonderful” government who gives uterus-bearing folks who miscarry a heavier sentence than their rapists. Who allows their rapists to have joint custody, which as we all know, will end badly for the child. In that same breath you say “Don’t kill the babies!” you also proclaim “Well those “illegals” should know better than bringing their kids with them, and they’re getting what they deserve. Birth control isn’t a right! You shouldn’t be able to get sterilized until you birth a child!”

“But – but the child! This is about a living being!”

Cancer cells are living, they grow, they thrive, but we remove them because they WILL KILL the host. If I was in a bad car accident and required blood, or an organ transplant to live, you wouldn’t go up to a random person who’s a match with me with a needle and scalpel and say “Hey look, I know this sucks but my friend needs these things to live” and take them, would you?

You can spout your religious reasons all day for your support, but MY religion says that you’re a piece of shit if you force someone to undergo something they aren’t consenting to. Should MY religion (Wicca) be the cornerstone of our government’s decisions? What about the Muslim community, or the Jewish, or the Satanic community? Shouldn’t their religions also be a cornerstone of our laws?

If you answered no, with much offense, to that last question – Now you understand how WE feel when YOUR faith is what is now governing our bodies.

When a corpse has more bodily autonomy than a person who is unwillingly carrying a child, you know we’re in bad territory.

This may not personally effect you because you can’t have children, but you’re right, it IS a slippery slope. It’s only a matter of time before things near and dear to you start being taken away. Mark my words, if we continue down this path, you WON’T be happy where we end up. When that day comes, I won’t tell you “I told you so”. I won’t even have a smug smirk on my face. I’ll look at you and say the same thing you said about the “illegals” coming into our country: “You should have known better. You’re getting what you deserve. Now that it effects you, what’s your solution to fix it?”

The US would be a much better place if people followed this simple rule:
“Don’t like it? Don’t do it. Don’t tell me I can’t do it because your religion states it’s against its code.”

2 thoughts on “Got my ranty-panties on full force this morning!

    1. I usually don’t get super political because my views tend to piss a lot of people off and I am pretty blunt about things. With the new laws that have been passed in some states in my country, however, I can’t sit idly by and simply wring my hands.

      Thank you for the comment! I honestly didn’t think anyone was reading my blog here, hah!

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