So you wanna be a voiceactor, huh?

I keep getting questions in my Inbox asking “How can I get into doing voicework too?”

The best advice I can give someone who’s thinking about getting into voicework is – do your research!
You’ll likely not want to spend a lot of money on a fancy mic and programs until you know this is something you can do – and that’s okay! You’re going to want something a bit better than a headset mic, but not something as high end as an Audio Technica. A good middle ground microphone that I actually use is the Samson GoMic which can switch from omnidirectional to a condenser microphone. If you have NO clue what that is – it’s okay, I didn’t either. Omnidirectional does as its name says – it takes sounds from all directions. An example of this is the Yeti SnoBall, which is actually what I used to use and still do if I need to capture more than one person for something like a stream! A condenser microphone takes sound from one direction – think the sterotypical microphone: big ball on top of a black stick. (…and writing that just felt dirty lol) It’s meant to take audio that’s directly spoken into it. The Samson Go mic has a switch on the side to swap between the two, so you get the best of both worlds!

Next you’re going to want a program to record in. Don’t waste your money on something expensive – Audacity is my go to. It does everything I need and more, it’s like bringing a supersoaker to a balloon fight in terms of what I need and its capability! And it’s free!

You absolutely NEED a pop filter. I used to use a piece of fluffy black foam held up to my mouth, but have actually bitten the bullet and spent 7$ on a cheap pop filter – the best $7 I ever spent! A pop filter basically eliminates the ‘plosives’, the sound of air that you get when saying things with a hard P sound. (If you want an immediate example, take your phone’s mic and record yourself saying the Peter Piper tongue twister, then hold a pen in front of your lips and say it again – You’ll hear what I mean.)

Next, for your first recording, you’re gonna wanna soundproof or eliminate the background noises. Got blankets? A blanket over your head works wonders to muffle out background noises, but it’s not perfect. Any other tweaks you can do in-program to cut down on the amount of background noises.

Once you have all that, start recording yourself doing different voices. Feel where the sound comes from in your throat and chest and try to remember that when replicating voices. You may not be able to do Max, Pete or Goofy, but your voice MAY be suited for narration! I highly suggest taking requests on IB to find your range.

Lastly, remember – Unlike video, nobody will see you. Those feelings of being shy will eventually fade as you get more confident in your ability – like Parappa the Rappa says – YA GOTTA BELIEVE! I look back on my older audio work and cringe because I can personally hear the fear in my voice and the shyness when I said certain things, but now? I can talk about the most squicky of fetishes, go out of my soundbooth and have a burger while editing it with no problem.

How far you take this and your success is completely up to you. So, my Padawan – what are you waiting for? GET TO IT! 😀

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